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CR: Day 7 – Thu 26-Nov-2015 (Thanksgiving Day)

  • Notes:
    • Up early and sighted another, much bigger lizard hanging out by the pool; he took off before I could grab the camera (doh!)
    • Breakfast tacos para desayuno at nuestros casa
    • Packed up the house and gave Dos Perros a final hug
    • Drove back to San José via the Coastal Route with a pitstop in Jacó
    • Tacobar en Jacó para almuerzo
    • Tolls, tolls and mas tolls getting back to San José on Rte 27 as we decided to check out another site on the northeast side of the city which resulted in…
    • A leisurely drive through San José CBD at about 2:30pm (yowza!)
    • Visited Sibú Chocolate for hot chocolate, deserts and to blow the last of our colónes (the place is a bit hard to find with GPS, found via Google Maps)
    • Dropped off the rental car at National about 7:30pm and the same shuttle driver that picked me up about 8:15am in the morning a week back was there to take us back to our hotel (must be some weird shift patterns with these guys)
    • Tacontento para cena (not good, actually pretty bad, but convenient to our hotel)
    • Accommodations: Courtyard San José Airport Alajuela off the Radial Francisco J. Orlich in Alajuela


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