Goalie Mania!



Hello. My name is Grace. I am 13 years old and I am a Goalie Maniac! I play goalie on the U14 Girls Red team for Broomfield Blast.

Who is this website designed for?

This website is designed for people who either are or want to become a goalie. If you want to become a goalie, by using this website you will be able to acheive your goal of being one. And even if you already are a goalie, you can still learn some useful things about being a goalie that you don’t already know.

What is on this website.

On this website you will learn tips, skills, drills, answers to FAQs, goalies to watch, and awesome places to get goalie equipment.


Three Tips for Goalie Glove Care

  • Always wet your gloves before a session. I use water. This is so your gloves don’t get dried out and stay sticky.
  • Wash your gloves every 5 games. This is so your gloves clean and don’t smell. After washing them, let them air dry. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER!
  • Have a pair of practice gloves and game gloves. This is so you don’t wreck your game gloves during practice.



Here are some links to places that will teach you goalie skills.


Distribution includes punting, throwing and goal kicks.




Answering your FAQ

Here are some of the questions… and their answers.

    • I am having trouble with goal kicks. How can I get them higher and farther?


Goalies to watch

Goalies in the English Premier League

      • David de Gea: Manchester United
      • Petr Cech: Chelsea FC
      • Tim Howard: Everton
      • Joe Hart: Manchester City
      • Hugo Lloris: Tottenham

Goalies in the Major League Soccer (USA)

      • Donovan Ricketts: Portland Timbers
      • Bill Hamid: DC United
      • Sean Johnson: Chicago Fire
      • Dan Kennedy: Chivas USA
      • Nick Rimando: Real Salt Lake

Women Goalies

      • Hope Solo: USA
      • Nicole Barnhart: USA
      • Miho Fukumoto: Japan