Grace’s Magic Potion

Some of this and that
Some of this and that

Today is the day I would make magic potion.  I am going to make myself invisible.  I mixed chameleon skin with invisible ink, and Elmer’s glue and hot water, salt together with some vinegar, Koolaid with garlic.  I took some of this and that.  I almost emptied the kitchen!  I mixed all of that together and poured it into a glass.  It smelled like garlicky Koolaid.  I drank the glass empty.  It tasted sour and felt gluey in my mouth.

At first I didn’t feel anything so I decided to take a nap.  So I went to the couch and fell asleep.  When I awoke a little later I felt normal, I looked at my hands and I couldn’t see them.  My potion works.  Yay!  So I decided I would have a little fun and take a walk in the city.

Being invisible felt like no one could catch you.  I went to the town trolly to hitch a ride.  When I got on no one could hear me or see me.  That was helpful.  I quickly found a seat.  The next stop a lady got on.  She sat down on top of me!  The lady felt quite chubby.  After that I had a itch on my leg.  So I wiggled it.  The lady jumped off of me, the driver stopped the trolly.  I think it’s time for me to get off!!!!

After that I went to a nearby restaurant called La Salsa.  La Salsa was my most favorite Mexican place ever.  It smelled like delicious salsa and tacos.  I went into the kitchen and found a stack of bowels [sic] filled with salsa.  Yum!  I decided to have a little taste with some fresh chips from the oven.  After I was almost done with my 8th bowl of salsa I saw the chef looking at me puzzled.  I looked at my hands.  I could see them.  Uh-oh!  That means the he could see me!  I ran out faster than fast back to my peace full house.

When I got back home I turned on the TV to the news channel.  It said that a local restaurant chef saw a ghost appear.  The news people thought that the chef was crazy.  Lucky they didn’t get a picture of me.  So that’s when I decided that I would try not to turn invisible.  But if I do, don’t eat salsa.

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