Welcome to the New rockymtnfuller.com

After years of procrastinating, I finally registered the rockymtnfuller.com domain.  Following minutes of painstaking research, I selected the WordPress one-click install from the list of apps GoDaddy.com (my long time provider) has available with its hosting packages.  For those familiar with openkimono.wordpress.com, WordPress is an application that allows quick and easy creation of a blog and supporting web pages.

This site is the latest in a long line of flubs and fizzles.  Originally, we had a site on Tripod that they turned down when we didn’t add content over an extended period.  Then we did the MSN Spaces thing and I got too busy to actively maintain it plus it was sort of a pain to work within MSN’s system.  Next, I tossed up a very private site hiding behind my company’s web page to provide info about a family reunion, but that too was doomed from the start (I’m the only one in the house that can fake HTML).

So… here we are… with our latest attempt.  The plan of record is for all of us to contribute to the site from time to time: Dave, Julie, Grace, Erin, maybe Sam the Dog and potentially other Fuller’s qualifying for the Rocky Mountain moniker such as Kris, Scott and Denise.  I hope you enjoy it.  Come back to visit us soon and be sure to add our RSS feed (hopefully I figure out how to turn that on pretty quick).

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