CR: Day 0 – Thu 19-Nov-2015

The zero day: departure. Scramble to get the kids from school, iPie in the car, and USAirport Parking shuttle. Then it starts: there’s a problem with our reservations. I’d forgotten airline tickets need to match EXACTLY the names on passports and, of course, I’d failed to enter middle names when buying the tickets.

Chaos ensues with the good folks from Southwest Airlines who struggled to make this correction (first at the check-in counter, then at the support center in Dallas, then at the gate). They sort of got it fixed and we hustled through to security with no boarding passes for our second leg. When we arrived in Houston, more explaining and hacking on the computer, then we were finally set for transport to San José. ¡Olé! 2,101 nautical miles later:

  • Arrive: San José (Juan Santamaría International) at 11:50PM (local time CST / +1 from Denver) on Southwest Airlines via Houston (William Hobby International)
  • Accommodations: Courtyard San José Airport Alajuela off the Radial Francisco J. Orlich in Alajuela

If you are curious about Costa Rican travel mechanics, check out this post over on Costa Rica Notes: Travel Logistics

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