CR: Day 1 – Fri 20-Nov-2015

  • Pick up rental car from National Car Rental
  • Drive to Uvita via Coastal Route:
  • Notes:
    • We overnighted in San José as driving around the jungle in the middle of the night didn’t seem like the best idea
    • Magically the National guy met me at the hotel (I don’t recall having informed National where we were staying, but the shuttle driver was there, so I rolled with it); we talked about fútbol and nieve on the way to get car
    • Café Don Mayo para desayuno
    • Battled stop n’ go traffic and construction to get out of town
    • Took the Rte 27 “autopista” (which turned out to be a two lane toll road), then the Rte 34 “carretera nacional” along the coast (another two lane road, but free); tarmac all the way, baby!
    • Found our house on the hill above Uvita
    • Met our Gringo landlady, the Tico caretaker who lives in a room below the garage (but hangs out up in garage to use WiFi) and Eric the Gardener (also a local)
    • We also met Dos Perros: Amber y Daisy; they also live on the property as a security system of sorts
    • Ran down the hill to the supermercado (BM North Uvita) to grab a few staples
    • Exotica para cena (near Ojochal); very nice meal, but our first experience with dining sticker shock (not to mention Julie accidentally double tipped in a country where tipping isn’t a big thing)
    • Drove home from dinner in a jungle downpour; with no striping on roads and locals that like to accessorize their vehicles with high intensity LED spotlights, the drive got a little bit sketchy
    • Accommodations: Casa Manana en Uvita, Báhia Ballena, Osa, Puntarenas


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