After the zip lines at Hacienda Barú

CR: Day 2 – Sat 21-Nov-2015

  • Notes:
    • Breakfast tacos para desayuno a nuestros casa
    • Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge; Capuchin, sloth, zip lines, friendly guides, stay and enjoy the beach (we didn’t, but could have / should have)
    • Los Pescados Loco para almuerzo (off Playa Dominical)
    • Dominical is supposed to be THE super cool beach town in the region; our view was that it’s “extra rustic”
    • Another mercado pitstop (this time at BM South Uvita; the big one on the south side of Río Uvita)
    • When eating last night at Exotica, we noticed the road to the restaurant had a lot of traffic, so we fed our curiosity with a ride up the Av Principal de Ojochal; gritty, middle class and luxury real estate all mixed together
    • Caught a glimpse of a Sábado noche fútbol game on a pitch across from the defunct Baxter Bowling building in Coronado de Osa
    • Roadshack Deli para cena; the staff featured a rather large, rather odd gringo in a Milwaukee Bucks jersey
    • Accommodations: Casa Manana en Uvita

IMG_3505_finding the sloths 2

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