Halloween Curses 2009

Erin the Bumblebee & Sam the Dog
Erin the Bumblebee & Sam the Dog

Another Halloween has arrived and we’re enjoying it so far.  Devil’s Night came and went last evening with no noticeable ruckus (no burning cars, no riots, just a couple knife fights in our driveway, etc).  Erin is a bumblebee, Grace is some sort of ghoul with a Scream-style mask, Julie pulled out her Snow White ensemble and I’m a shifty looking maintenance man.  My costume was sort of derailed when Julie said I wasn’t allowed to carry an axe (nor a hatchet) around for fear of scaring the kiddies.  No fun.

We hit a party around the corner at our neighbors John and Tinna, then roamed the neighborhood tricking and treating for several blocks.  After a 24″ snow fall earlier in the week, the weather has warmed up nicely and it’s a clear sky for the full moon.

So, a thousand pocks upon your countenance and may your path be filled with black cats!

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