Halloween Curses

Dead Pirate & Evil Witch
Dead Pirate & Evil Witch

I suppose one doesn’t wish happiness or good luck on Halloween, so curses! (and a few hexes!) on all of ye!  This year it was uncharacteristically warm.  No snow, no parkas, no hot chocolate after the rounds and it was also a little slow.  Not sure what it is about our new house, but we didn’t see a lot of traffic.  By the time I was ready to shut down the lights, we still had a lot of treats left.  So I sort of let the neighbor kid go wild in the candy bowl when he and a couple buddies showed up about 8:45pm.

Oh well, maybe next year.  Grace and Erin’s taste in costumes is evolving.  No more cute critters and such for them.  Supernatural all the way, baby!

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